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We blend process design with the latest in cloud technology to help our clients build solid, highly efficient business processes.

We created draftonce because as much as everyone dislikes paperwork, we knew there had to be a better way to create documents. Document generation software, or "document assembly software" as it's also called, has been around for decades. The problem is that the same software created 20 years ago is, today, still the market leader. Perhaps polished to look more modern, but still complex to use, expensive, and not built for the cloud.

Our clients told us they wanted a tool that is simple to setup, has zero learning curve to use, allows secure customer access, is cloud-based (meaning, accessible anywhere), and a great value. We couldn't find anything that was already created, so, we built draftonce. Our user base continues to grow, and our clients are finding more ways to use draftonce than we had thought of. 

From nuclear power plants to child care centers, draftonce is the proving to be the best document generation solution available. That's what we want.  

Today, business process design is not about using technology to support an existing process, it's about totally redesigning the process around today's great technology.

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