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Our Product

DraftOnce is a contract authoring tool that creates fully compliant documents for procurement teams. We bleed process design with the latest in cloud technology to help our clients build solid, highly efficient business processes. Today, business process design is not about using technology to support an existing process, it's about totally redesigning the process around today's great technology.

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Our Features

Sending out a document with errors is embarrassing, and sometimes worse. With draftonce, there's no more cut and paste errors, no more bad handwriting, no more incomplete forms. Each time you export a document, it's perfect. Create a perfect document one time, and reuse it again and again - each time as good as the first. 


Cloud based

Unlike other document generation software, draftonce was built from the start to work in the cloud. That means nothing to install on your computer, and you can use draftonce with just about any mobile device.  Clients can complete intake forms on an iPad while sitting in your office. It means salespersons can prepare and generate contracts while still at the customer's office. 

Convenient For Your Customers

Work with your customers online, letting them provide their information directly. With draftonce, you control the touch points and amount of online collaboration.

Custom Help

Add help text to guide users in answering interview questions. Some draftonce users have found that by building out the customized help, they have created a great learning environment for new procurement employees.

Easy For Your Staff

One online interview can complete many documents, such as a complex contract with numerous attachments. Data that is used across multiple documents need only be entered once.

Lower Risk & Save Time

Eliminate search-and-replace errors, using outdated versions, and dealing with embedded meta data. With draftonce, documents are perfect each time.

Simple setup

Use your own, proven documents. Add tags using your word processor, save and upload. draftonce reads those tags and creates fields automatically. Get started with the basics, use more features as you need them.


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