Simple Document Generation

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Your documents easily turned into template

Templates become online interviews

Complete one interview, all documents are generated

Perfect every time

Improve Quality

Sending out a document with errors is embarrassing, and sometimes worse. With draftonce, there's no more cut and paste errors, no more bad handwriting, no more incomplete forms. Each time you export a document, it's perfect. Create a perfect document one time, and reuse it again and again - each time as good as the first. 

Ensure Security

You work with sensitive information. With draftonce, there's no more emailing sensitive documents. Securely enter information into draftonce from just about any device, and forget the worry. Data is encrypted while whizzing through the internet, and also while stored in a controllable environment. Since each document is created from "clean" templates, you no longer need to worry about hidden metadata. 

Save Time

Complete enrollment forms in a fraction of the time or prepare complex contracts by completing an online interview. It's simple to use. You can also have your customers enter information to save even more time. Enter information once, and it appears across all forms.